Startup Asia Hackathon Demo Day

12:45 AM

Today. . November 30th. . 
Selamat berbahagia, our team. . 
Pitch our application in front of judges in startup asia hackathon demo day. . 
We are presenting our web apps called selamat bekerja. .
which is job notification app. .not 'jomblo notification apps' :D 

I think our team got a chance to be a challange winner for this event. .
yeah, we must have a self confidence for our apps. . :D 

Last night my teammate doing a a hardwork to make this apps work. . :D 
I think i dont do much for this project. . 
Hhe. .im sorry . . 

Now we wait for the winner announcement at 3 pm. . 
We really hope could won in this event. . Hhe. . 

I think startup asia hackathon 2013 is a cool event. .but in this demo day, I feel little bit disapointed because the place. . The place is so small and crowded. .maybe in the next event techinasia can choose bigger place for this event. .

I started to write this post when our team pitching finished. . i try to write using my smartphone, but i think its difficult for me to write using it. .

Now, when i write this sentence. . (00:34 AM)
we already know the result of startup asia hackathon demoday. .
And we're happy because our team won one challange. . Freelancer Challange. . (1st prize :D),
We also feeling sad (just a little) because (again) we're just got honorable mention for other API (SAP HANA). .we're got honorable mention too at startup asia last year for Teamie Challange. .
:D hha, seem's like d'javu . .

But.. overall we're feel happy and thankful because our team name is Selamat Berbahagia (eng : CongratzForHappiness) and had a good experience hacking some API again (after minithesis). .

Our plan, in the next day, next two day, or next three day maybe. .
we will use our prize in Freelancer API to find freelance job, because three of us is still a 'fresh graduate' . .

This is my Team. .
And.. that's it, i just wanna improve my english skill. . :D

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