Learning Android

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Hmm,, i wanna try to improve my English Skill again. I wish in this post i can improve my skill in English. .

Android. .

maybe this is the most popular Smartphone OS in the world. .
Why it can be so popular?? android is just an operating system, what can we do with it???
Yeah, Your android phone will at the same rate as feature phone if you dont have any apps in there. .
Nowadays, there are so many kinds of android apps in play store. .you can play a game, edit photo, using social media, etc in android. . just download the right apps for you in play store. .

If there are so many apps in out there, why we dont try to learn make some apps?? just a simple apps maybe. .
I think many popular android apps just a simple apps, it can be popular because a good design and functionality. .

If we want to learn how to make an android application, maybe i can suggest you to use this approach. .
1. You wanna make web apps which running in android, or..
2. You wanna make native apps using Java in Android. .

If you wanna make web apps which running in Android os . . what must you do is to know how to use HTML, Javascript, and CSS. .
So, you just make a web using that language. .dont forget to make the view compatible in android, i mean make it like the other android apps. .
After you finish your web apps, you can wrap it in webkit using Phonegap. .
This is my web apps which compiled using Phonegap. .
Example of app made using phonegap
Example of app made by phonegap
what do you think about the UI?? is it like android native apps UI?? i dont know but i think my apps is cool. .
Oh yeah, maybe you should know some UI framework to help you develop web apps in android. .

. . .

And the second. .You wanna make android native apps. .
if you wanna make native apps, i suggest you to learn how to code using Java Programming Language. .
then, you should know how to manipulate activity xml, activity xml is used for make an user interface. .
After that, maybe you should learn about Event, Activity lifecycle, Asychrounous Task, and using many android library or API's. .
Example of My Native apps
Example of My Native apps

This is my native android apps which made using Java Programming Language. .
I think native apps is more smooth and have a good performance

So, what approach do we use??
Its depend what kind of apps we want to make. .
If you wanna make complex apps like a game. .you should use Native.. because its performance. .
but if you wanna make simple apps, maybe like a weather report, etc. . you can use Phonegap or Native. .


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